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Lighthouse Bank has been the perfect partner for our business. They helped us secure our loan and credit line to help pivot our business and set us up for success for years to come.

Spencer Joseph & Brandon Stewart
Caliber Truck Co

Lighthouse has been a partner of the Digital NEST since its inception. It has been a pleasure working with them and they have met all of our needs including easy access to Online Banking & Remote Deposit Capture.

Jacob Martinez
Digital NEST

Starting a business is tough, but Lighthouse Bank’s SBA Lending Program ensured we had the capital we needed to succeed.

Chris Baca, Charles Jack, and Jared Truby
Cat & Cloud Coffee

It's fun to go to Lighthouse Bank! We're appreciated as individuals and as members of our shared community. We were happy to partner with them via a loan to solar power our business.

Rob & Kathleen Genco
Discretion Brewing

Banking with Lighthouse allows us to spend more time running our business and less time making trips to the bank!

Mary Ann & Mark Escobar
Escobar Diamonds

Lighthouse Bank’s focus on exceptional service is impressive! They understand my needs and continually deliver ultra-responsive service.

Karen K. McCay
Pahl & McCay

Lighthouse Bank isn’t just a bank. They really care about every customer who walks in the door, from greeting you by name, to finding the right solution to your banking needs, and supporting small businesses.

Carrie Clark & Sebastian Manjon
ViDA Juice

We love them so much we decided to open personal accounts as well!

Leilani Zehnder and Ariel Stirm
Botanic & Luxe

We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to start a new business! Lighthouse Bank’s SBA lending program has helped us turn our dream into a reality.

Jason and Josh Morgan
PRIMAL Santa Cruz

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